Ookeenga Champion League Is Coming Soon!!
Dec 13 2022

The first Season of Ookeenga Champion League is coming soon on 17 December 2022!!!


We're so excited that it's finally here! And if you're not ready to take on the challenge, well you better get ready because our champions are out of this world.!!

Here are all you need to know about the event:

Who can join this Champion League?

🌟 Everyone can enter the Champion League for FREE. No NFT is required, all players will be given the same pool of non-NFT Heroes to play.

🌟 Members of Ookeenga Dev Team and Champion League Organizers are forbidden to participate in this event.

Limit of participants: No limit.

Date and Time: 00h00 AM Saturday 17 Dec - 00h00 AM UTC Sunday 18 Dec.


Register for free at: https://forms.gle/ydih1URurrfnJaFJA

Registration will be closed at 11 AM UTC, Friday 16 December.

Champion League Venue: The Champion League will take place in a downloadable version specially created for this event. The link to download Champion League Version will be sent to participants via registered emails.

(*) Please note that the downloadable version is only for Champion League. Players won’t be able to log in to that version before the starting time of the event. If you wish to practice playing Ookeenga, you may start training by playing the Free Version at play.ookeenga.io


✍ Each player is given an account to log into the Champion League Version. The account information will be sent to you after you complete registration. One player has only one account.

✍ All players will be given a fixed inventory of 20 Non-NFT Heroes and the same amount of resources, including in-game items, EXP, and gKAB. You may swap heroes and cards from that inventory only. You may upgrade heroes and use given items to optimize their strategy for the game.

✍ Each player has 20 playing turns in the Champion League. All players start at the same stage chosen by the Champion League organizer. The Champion League will open from 00h00 AM Saturday 17 Dec - 00h00 AM UTC Sunday 18 Dec. The Leaderboard will be ranked based on the games played during this time.

Ranking System

The Ranks on the Tournament Leaderboard are based on the following criteria:

⚡The number of stars a player gets in 20 playing turns. If two players have equal numbers of stars, the player at the lower stages will get a higher rank.

⚡If two players have equal numbers of stars and are at the same stage, the player who has a lower Battle Time in will get a higher rank. The Battle Time is based on the time the player spends on combats. The time the player spends outside the combats doesn’t affect the Ranking.

Prize Pool Distribution

💰The rewards will be paid in OKG based on the equivalent exchange rate at the payout time. Champions will receive rewards within one week after the Leaderboard is announced.

💰The Prize Pool will be distributed as below. image_2022_12_13T10_57_13_823Z.png

💰Each of the 40 Lucky Chieftains who don't make it to the Top 20 receives a Hero NFT.

Player Conduct

We recommend that you double-check their check-in status to ensure everything is set.

We recommend that you double-check their Devices and Internet Connection before the Champion League starts. We do not hold responsibility for technical issues related to your Devices and Internet Connection.

The recommended specs for the best playing experience are PC/Laptop Specs:

CPU: 2.93 GHz processor (supporting SSE2 instruction set or higher)

RAM: at least 4GB free


OS: Windows 7 or higher operating system

DirectX: 9.0c or higher

Internet Connection: 30mbps

Please maintain sportsmanship and a positive attitude. Champion League organizers reserve the right to disqualify players.

❌Offensive or derogatory language will result in a warning or ban from all Ookeenga Lab events.

✔Champion League organizers hold the right to use all gameplay records for promotion purposes.


Support us

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