Tesnet: Breeding Feature Tutorial
Sep 20 2022

In OKG, new heroes are created by crossing two heroes that the player already owns.

To minimize inflation, heroes will have a limited number of crosses (breeding times); heroes will not continue to breed once the limit is reached.

Heroes created after the breeding process will be in a cocoon state. Players will need to wait for heroes to mature and participate in combat.

  • How To Breed Heroes

Step 1: Go to OKG Testnet (https://testnet.ookeenga.io/) > Choose “Breeding”

Breed 1.png

Step 2: Select the Heroes that you want to be used for breeding

Breed 2.png

Step 3: Click “Breed”Step 4: Sign in the MetaMask extension to complete the process.

Breed 3.png

Step 4: Sign in the MetaMask extension to complete the process.

Breed 4.png

When the transaction is completed, the new standard cocoons will be minted and you can check your NFT in your Inventory.

  • NOTES (applied in Testnet):

When the player start breeding, it will be counted and ranked the number of breeding times on the Leaderboard.

The more breed players make, the higher rank they will reach, the more attractive the rewards will be.

The Leaderboard will display the player's information and the Testnet's countdown time.

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