6 Steps to join Ookeenga Testnet
Sep 19 2022

In order for you guys easier to play, this is guideline step by step to join the Testnet Version.

Step 1: Login Testnet at

Click at: https://testnet-marketplace.ookeenga.io/

Step 1.jpg

Step 2: Click on Connect Wallet

Step 2.jpg

Sign on your MetaMask Extension

Step 3_3.jpg

A window to Create New Account will pop-up. Fill in all required information.

Step 3_4.jpg

Click on Create Account

Step 3_5.jpg

Step 3: Claim the resources

Step 3.jpg

If you are an NFTs Owners, you can use your NFTs to play the game. After that, go to the Testnet Ookeenga Marketplace to claim all of your resource for Testnet Version.

Noted: If you still not open your Cocoons (Real Value Cocoon), you can open your Cocoons on Testnet Marketplace to get your heroes ready to play (At Mainnet, cocoon opened on Testnet will not count as you opened the cocoon, no effect on mainnet)

If you are a free user: After creating your account successfully, a window will pop-up for you to claim the free resources ($KAB and $OKG)

  • Purchase Cocoons or Heroes (if there are anyone who sell their heroes on Marketplace) on OKG Testnet Marketplace

  • Fill on the form: https://forms.gle/N9Wq8etuNazoFKYp7 to receive the airdrop. Noted that this process will cost around 24 hours.

Step 6: Enjoy the game.

If you want to details, check out our link at: https://youtu.be/FUmzjLgBmhI

In order for you to trade on OKG Marketplace, you will be costed a certain amount of BNB fee, so this is a guideline for you to claim BNB Testnet into your MetaMask Account.

Step 1: Visit the website: https://testnet.binance.org/faucet-smart

Step 2_FAQ.jpg

Paste your wallet address in the box then select Give me BNB.

Step 2: Claim 1 BNB at BSC Faucet. Some BSC Faucet will add 1 BNB, but if you receive 0.5 BNB, it is still normal.

  • More details:

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Testnet Bug Bounty Event - $3000 Rewards: https://ookeenga.io/news/132

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